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It therefore makes them more efficient and attracts more audiences. It is therefore a turnkey solution that allows business leaders to follow the digital life of their organization step by step. Captain Wallet offers the dematerialization of coupons, loyalty cards, reservations, withdrawals and many others. You can also realize your discount coupon in the Wallet. By doing so, all your customers can directly access it from their mobile devices.

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A dematerializd promotional coupon can also make it possible to regularly remind online of the expiration date of offers. The Captain Wallet solution is also a crdible alternative to minimize the risk of fraud during promotional sales campaigns on Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Email List websites. It allows you to easily determine the customer and his coupon at the checkout. The dematerialization of marketing campaigns with Captain Wallet is also necessary to maintain the customer relationship in business. What should we expect from Sendinblue’s takeover of Captain Wallet? The merger between Sendinblue and Captain Wallet allows these two digital agencies to conquer the international market . The mobile advertising start-up can now collaborate better with SMEs. As for Sendinblue, it can extend its activities to big brands.

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It should be notd that despite this merger, these two web professionals retain their independence. The solutions offerd by each agency therefore remain accessible to customers from any CRM. In addition, this acquisition aims to support virtual BQB Directory companies to further motivate their customers. The loyalty program of the partners of this solution is therefore developd with finesse and professionalism. The two web agencies use different communication channels to achieve the same results. However, this in no way hinders the final result of this rapprochement between web professionals.

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