In closing doing your SEO optimization

Does your revenue support the investment?); return horizon (can you wait more than 1 year to see a return?); business maturity (is your product validat and do you already have an online presence?), Answering yes to these three questions, it is very likely that the time to invest in SEO is now, And, as we have already said, the sooner the better, since the long term is necessary, and if your company loses a few minutes in this marathon, your competitor may beat your efforts during the race, How SEO will help How SEO will help After the questioning phase about the best moment, it’s time to get down to business, In practice, your SEO routine will be link to the 3 fundamental pillars of this discipline.

The main returns from organic positioning work

Which are website optimization, content production and gaining backlinks, In a simplifi way, these 3 pillars will be pursu and implement on a monthly basis, always maintaining consistency , in order to ensure that you climb the mountain little by little, but that after a year you will have cover a considerable distance, From there, your company will begin to observe the main returns from organic positioning work, which will ultimately be: organic traffic: visits from Google (not from sponsor links); organic leads: conversions generat by Latest database  organic access; sales: business generat through your SEO work, Of course, it won’t be quick or easy, but nothing extraordinary is, And, if your company is not ready, start paving the road.

GoogleIf you work in marketing and sales

As investing in SEO is certainly a sign that your business is evolving and is on the right path, CTA Loss of Not Being on GoogleIf you work in marketing and sales, you have probably experienc (or are experiencing) one of the situations below: you just invest in a new website, for some reason that you thought was valid or; decid to pay attention to the company’s website, which is a powerful tool that you never took advantage of, In either case, I’m sure you’ve also stopp and thought about the natural way people find your site, which would, of course, be Google, But then you remember that no one, no  BQB Directory customer, has ever told you that they found your company on Google, And doing a quick search test, you can’t find your site either.

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