In search of patterns to find products for Amazon

In search of patterns to find products for Amazon. This week is not being the best. Because of an infected finger, which apparently is something possibly serious (I’m already taking antibiotics), I haven’t been doing sports since Monday. Since yesterday I have noticed that my lip is swollen and this morning it is clear that I will soon have a cold sore. The last time I was there for three weeks until it went away completely.

Possible patterns

Possible patterns I’m getting a little carried away. What I was going for. Product patterns to sell on Amazon. The “revelation” came to me yesterday in a video call with my team in Spain. There are certain email leads products that are always sold at Christmas and practically always on more or less the same date. For example, there is a certain tendency. Therefore, that the most expensive toys are sold from the second week of December.

How to find these patterns

How to find these patterns Here comes the most complicated question. Therefore, it is what I was already hinting. Therefore, at in the introduction of the post. I don’t think it can be said that if you look at one, two and three you will find patterns and these will give you ideas for new posts. That does not BQB Directory  work like that. It is rather the combination of experience. Therefore, knowledge and in my case conversations. When I want to come up with new ideas I need to discuss what I know with third parties.

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