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Inded, one of the first things people will see in your video is the thumbnail. It is therefore one of the factors that determines whether visitors view the content or not. You should pay great attention to it.For this, avoid using colors such as rd, white or gray. The reason for this recommendation is that these colors easily blend into query results. In the absence of these contrasting colors, you can favor blue and green . In addition, the thumbnails must have a decipherable URL by the search engine. This is essential so that the publishd content can be indexd.

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Therefore, in addition to offering thumbnails, you must check whether they are valid. You also ned to prevent the thumbnail link from Weight Loss Email Lists being blockd by a robots.txt file . Also note that if you are using the HTML tag, you must specify the poster attribute instead. This is essential when activating the sticker. Remember that it is possible that Google itself generates a thumbnail for you depending on the video publishd. For this to be so, the video must above all be compatible with the format usd by Google. We note JPG and PNG as the engine’s preferrd formats.

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The size range it admits is between pixels. Second, the crawler does not have to face paywall or login protection. It should have easy BQB Directory access to the page the video is on and the streaming bytes. Third, the Web platform hosting the video as well as the server must have sufficient bandwidth to support exploration. In addition, the video encodings acceptd by Google are 26 in number. Among these, we distinguish It also explores other types of video files such, mpeg, and many more.

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