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Integration with Google Workspace programs Integration with Gmail. NetHunt CRM is built into the email interface. This allows you to work in Gmail and CRM at the same time without switching between windows. After integration, the maintenance of the database of candidates is automatd. When an HR manager receives a letter with a resume, he can create a new applicant card in the CRM system with just one click. The specialist does not have to copy, save and load the necessary data and documents into the program. All information, including name, contacts, correspondence and attachments, will automatically be pulld up to the card.

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Learn more about Gmail CRM features in this article . Integration with Google Drive makes it easy to store files in Drive. The CRM system independently creates the necessary folder structure in the cloud, similar to the structure in CRM. All documents C Level Executive List from Google Drive are available in the applicant or employee card in the CRM system. Integration with Google Calendar is the ability to manage work schdules in a CRM system. In NetHunt, the user can set up automatic chains of emails to clients. Emails can be sent at the right time when a certain event has occurrd.

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For example, when a potential client has been addd to contacts, sent an application, or the status of a lead (deal) has changd. This allows you to always maintain contact with customers in automatic mode, without wasting a minute of time on it. Automatic BQB Directory saving of emails in the client card. NetHunt CRM captures and saves all email correspondence with clients. This allows you to always get the most up-to-date data in real time throughout the entire interaction with the buyer. Automatic change of lead status. Having a visualizd sales funnel, you must always be aware of what stage each of the customers is at. NetHunt CRM is able to automatically change the status of a lead in the sales funnel in response to a certain event (for example, a client’s response to an automatic email campaign.

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