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He reactd on Twitter saying that records are made to be broken, although he is a little sad that he no longer holds this record, he Build customer loyalty or attract new ones Increase the average basket of your site Convince a customer to complete their order The challenge is real because Internet users particularly appreciate discount codes. This is the favorite way to save money for 68% of them.

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When we know that the implementation of couponing allows a conversion rate 7 times higher and that the absence of codes can even lead Jewelers Email List to the abandonment of the shopping cart in 53% of cases, we better understand the marketing force of this lever! What are the main promo code sites? To create this precious and fruitful link with their customers, current or future, retailers and brands take advantage of the influential relay providd by sites specializing in promotional codes.

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We offer you a brief overview of the main players in the field. codamia A pioneer in the sharing of promo codes, Codamia has been a privilegd source of savings since 2003. Why use a promo code when shopping online? Whether you’ve targetd BQB Directory a store for a purchase or are looking for a specific product, it’s always worth checking to see if promo codes are available. If you decide to order from your favorite store, it would be a shame not to take advantage of a discount or free shipping. And if you find a product at several different merchants, the balance will tip towards the one that will allow you to pay the least or, at the same price, to obtain a small additional advantage, such as a gift addd to your package.

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