It is important to specify

It is important to specify. That the fe of the new page is separate from that of the personal profile. With the possibility of following different pages and profiles in such a way as to create a single experience in the fe of the new page.As regards the new roles of the page. The previous administrator – indicat as “People with access to facebook” – will maintain this role even after the transition to the new page. With the possibility of:Manage the page directly within the platform or through the use of other tools (meta business suite. Creator studio and ads management).

Assign access to activities to other people

Assign access to activities to other people by choosing the functions to be new data assign;Create or delete page content in the form of posts. Stories or otherwise;Reply to page messages directly from your inbox ;Manage community activities on behalf of the pages : reply to or remove comments directly from the new news fe;While “activity access people” will only work from creator studios or meta business suite for specific tasks. “community managers” will be responsible for moderating comments in chats and monitoring users who violate facebook standards.

Features and tools remov from facebook pages

Change implies something new. Introduc from scratch. But also something that is lost. So facebook has decid to eliminate “Likes” within the pages. Which will be BQB Directory  replac by “Follow” . This change affects not only the graphic aspect. But also the concept of the fan base: the “Like” as an indicator of coverage and performance ceases to exist. Giving space to the ” follow” which shows the number of people interest in receiving updates of the page and therefore the true loyal users. With the transition to the new page. However. The “Likes” receiv on the classic page will not be transferr unless they were previously accompani by the “Follow”.

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