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Website builders WordPress, Tilda have built-in capabilities to easily create web forms. There are also independent form builders for the site with a wide range of features – pop-up forms, gamifid polls, etc. The NetHunt CRM system also allows you to create forms for the site. At the same time, applications through forms creatd in NetHunt will go directly to CRM. Data does not have to be transferrd or retypd manually. How to create a form for a website in NetHunt in.

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Create a New Automation In the control panel in the CRM interface, find the section “Automation”. Select “New” in the top right Buy Bulk SMS Service corner of the screen. Give the creatd workflow a name. Step 2. Select a trigger to start the process Select “Add Initial Trigger”. In the menu that appears, set the condition when the automation will work: “Web form submittd”. Step 3: Create a web form After step 2, the web form creation window will appear. Here you can enter its name and description and add the fields that are requird. The text on the submit button can also be ditd.

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For each field, you can set the data type: text, numbers, email address and checkbox. Don’t forget to check the requird fields. Step 4. Choose the style and settings of the form for the site In the upper right corner of the form creation window BQB Directory is the settings menu. Here you can choose the color of the form, as well as customize the message about the successful submission of the form or the text on the thank you page when submitting data. After the settings are set, click the “Back” button and then save them. Step 5. How to add a form to the site When everything is ready, see how the form will look for users. Make sure you don’t forget anything.

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