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The leads are then stord in the CRM system. At the same time, CRM searches for duplicates: at this stage, it may turn out that the company already has some information about the client. CRM integrates with many services. This makes it possible to collect data from various sources: Behavior on the site; Interaction with letters, if you send mailing lists: whether the letter was deliverd, opend, viewd, whether there were clicks on links and on which ones; History of communication in Gmail correspondence, instant messengers and online chats.

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Phone call history; Parameters that describe the nature of the promotion through the sales funnel. In addition, in the process of interaction in the CRM system, the necessary information is recordd: demographic data, interests, transaction Building Hardware and Garden Dealers Email List amounts, frequency of purchases, average time requird to complete a transaction, and more. Note that most of this data is stord automatically in the CRM system. Basd on all the information collectd, you can effectively manage customer relationships using: Identification of typical segments and building strategies for working with them; Using a visualizd sales funnel ; Marketing data analysis.

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Thus, CRM marketing is a way to increase sales efficiency through the use of customers’ personal data . Essentially, CRM marketing combines information from customer research, marketing campaign data, and the sales process. This makes BQB Directory it possible to identify an interestd audience and develop an individual approach to interact with each of its segments. What does CRM marketing give? Let’s see what exactly can be done by combining channels of information about customers in a CRM system. Firstly, CRM marketing allows you to more accurately classify leads and prdict their behavior. This applies to both user activity on the Internet and direct interaction with the sales department.

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