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A second job offer publishd in the same direction by the London office The group’s London hub has also postd a job offer similar to the first, but now on the LinkdIn professional network. Twitter UK mentions there the instant ned for an engineer. Its main mission will be to restructure “certain Twitter services and produce a form of subscription management” . In any case, if the offers are for the moment the only clue we have at our disposal, the fact remains that a company like Twitter never does things without.

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Having first thought about it at length. We can therefore imagine that the group has decidd to voluntarily leak this information on the web. The job advert postd on Twitter UK’s LinkdIn account before being removd. Source: Mattew Keys US Companies Board of Directors Email Lists Twitter account . Our agency specializing in social networks, and always at the forefront of information, dissects for you all the digital news topics. If the rumors launchd turn out to be true, Twitter Ads will certainly take a completely different direction in the months to come.

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Rather very good news for the platform which was recording less and less advertising revenue. In the meantime, our entire SMO team BQB Directory supports you and develops with you a strategy to better use this social network in your communication.Many people today are still inclind to favor the use of Google to the detriment of other search engines . Some do not know it, but although a dominant company in its market, Google still has many competitors, who also know how to play their cards right. Find out a few. 1- The significant 13% of the remaining market share A fight with unequal weapons: this is the one that has been taking place for a few years now on this very uncompetitive market.

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