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Almost always, CRM in Google Docs neds to be integratd with other services. So, you can set up automatic saving of leads in Google Sheets when receiving applications from the site. So, CRM in Google Docs will have to go through a long and thorny path of trial and error before it becomes functional enough. Is it worth the effort? Let’s look at the pros and cons of tracking sales and customers in Google Sheets. Advantages of CRM in Google Sheets The first major advantage of Google Sheets for business is the price, or rather the lack of it.

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The service is completely free, which is crucial for small-income entrepreneurs. However, in order to implement at least some of the Telecommunications Email List CRM functions in Google Docs, you will have to pay for the work of a programmer. However, the basic functionality of Google Sheets for sales tracking may well satisfy modest requests. Data can be enterd and stord in an organizd manner, processd using logical and mathematical operations, and reports can be creatd basd on them. A significant advantage of Google Sheets for customer management compard to Excel is the ability to co-dit and update data in real time.

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This makes Sheets more like a CRM system and eliminates the ned to constantly send updatd files to colleagues. Parallel access and BQB Directory history of changes also provide the possibility of partial control over the work of employees, however, it is rather limitd. Disadvantages of maintaining a customer base in Google Sheets Of course, the customer base in Google Sheets is already much better than notepad and excel . But a closer look reveals many shortcomings of CRM in Sheets, which will rduce the quality and slow down the work of the entire company Mistakes. By using Google Sheets instead of CRM, get ready for constant mistakes.

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