Looker studio multichannel attribution dashboard template

Our multichannel attribution dashboard template provides simple insights about paid and non-paid media performance. You can see top-level data from all your channels. We highly recommend you start with our free trial to understand it better. Looker studio multichannel attribution dashboard integrates with the following sources: google ads facebook ads linkedin ads bing ads it includes reporting on all channels on a channel groupings level to make it easy to understand for everyone (especially for non-technical users .

Now your dashboard is set up

To start using it configure the looker studio connector: ad data + attribution once you finish installing the connector open the multichannel attribution dashboard template and click use template select the newly created data source. By default it is Argentina Mobile Number List named ad data + attribution. Now your dashboard is set up advanced configuration by default, it filters for google ads, facebook ads, bing ads and linkedin ads. You can connect >50 sources such as pinterest ads snapchat ads twitter ads tiktok ads criteo adroll .

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Multichannel attribution dashboard

Make sure to leave unknown in there as this is how the cost data arrives from the connector. Looker studio multichannel attribution dashboard BQB Directory template 2 now you should see all your criteo data at one glance. Of course you can customise the template to in the same way for other data sources. Such as the ones mentioned above. For the whole list of connectors head to your configuration panel.

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