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As it turnd out, literally before the events, the director read my articles , so the proposal fell on fertile ground. Of course, the main reason was not publications, but the unwillingness to lose contracts for the supply of products to the national retail chain, and the materials on the site and our offer became a trigger. The following decision was made at the joint meeting: Transfer to remote work of the department: Financial service (with the arrival of an accountant to record primary documentation); Sales; Sales support Convert to part-time department.

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Packing line Storage facilities. The analysis of the main business processes reveald several problematic points that prevent the transfer of departments to remote work. We were taskd to find solutions and prepare a technical task for their Biotechnology Email List implementation. In the process, the owner decidd to develop our cooperation into a broader project to restructure the business under new conditions. As a result, there was a list of functions that ndd to be changd and improvd in order to ensure the full operation of the enterprise. Most of all, the business processes of the financial service, the sales department and the sales support department requird improvement. Financial service.

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Accounting for the receipt of raw materials at the warehouse. The storekeeper receivd raw materials for packaging, checkd them, put a mark on receipt documents, collectd them at his place and transferrd them to the accounting department BQB Directory for further processing the next day. To exclude the dependence of the function on the physical presence of the accountant, it was proposd to activate the 1C functionality, which allows the buyer to form an application for the receipt of raw materials, then the storekeeper corrects it, if necessary, and confirms the receipt of goods at the warehouse electronically. After confirmation, the accountant remotely posts the document along the chain.

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