Write subtitles in the form of questions

This tactic also corresponds to the objective that we presented in the last two topics: to demonstrate to readers and classifiers that work for search engines that the content of the page has the answers to users’ doubts. It automatically makes it a plausible option for a good browsing experience. How about using a question and answer tool to find common question options? Some solutions like Reddit, Answer the Public, and Quora scour the entire web for possible questions on various topics.

Choose keywords appropriately

Keyword research is one of the most important stages of the SEO Top People Data writing process, since a wrong choice can inhibit a good positioning of your website in the SERPs, which means an opportunity cost of thousands of visitors. However, if you still prefer more practical, but less effective ways to map the most suitable keywords for your business, you can take advantage of Google’s excellent resources . That is, the search results themselves, whether the “autocomplete” section or the “people also ask” section.

Create extremely attractive titles

Before clicking on the title, the user is just  BQB Directory a prospect. Once you show interest in the website, from your first click, you become a lead. If the experience of their visit is positive, the lead can become a potential customer, to finally become a consumer of the brand. According to a study published on the Moz blog , organic click rates increase Google rankings. The best way to increase CTR (Click Through Rate) is to create attractive titles for your articles .

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