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Still congratulates the new subscriber record holder. In his daily life Thousands of spectators followd him during this month and in his daily life . Inded, we could see him cooking, eating, playing video games, and even sleeping in a small bd in the shape of a rd car which has become a kind of mascot. On the last day of the live, in response to some viewers who commentd that his bd was a work of art and pushd by them, the streamer decidd to destroy it , because according to him “art is only beautiful if he dies “. Ludwig also makes an inventory of what has happend in the news since the start of the live.

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Inded, it states that: Prince Philip has did the Suez Canal was blockd, then unblockd David Dobrik, Slovak YouTuber, made two apology videos Investors Email Lists Jesus did, then rose again (referring to the Easter weekend) A very generous donation On his last day of streaming, and under the avalanche of subscriptions he was receiving, Ludwig decidd to donate $5 per new subscription to either St Jude Children’s Hospital or Animal Humane Society. More than $300,000 should be donatd.E-merchants are subject to particularly tough competition online and having an effective marketing strategy is essential to succed.

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Among the tools at their disposal are promo codes. Inded, it is an effective way to develop its activity and increase its turnover while fully BQB Directory satisfying Internet users looking for savings. Why integrate the promo code in its marketing strategy? The promo code is applid in the shopping cart of the online store in order to benefit from advantages such as free delivery or a rduction on the amount to be paid, for example. The objectives of such a tool are multiple and complementary: Make yourself known, promote a novelty, a product, a brand.

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