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A problematic scenario So, what could this measure have faild to take into account? Jack Dorsey’s teams have been working on this project for weeks. But, Twitter remains attentive to its users, and they are the ones who wantd to point out a major problem, which the blue bird social network had not considerd: the case of inactive accounts due to death. It is inded a problematic subject, not only for celebrities, but also for relatives of users. Twitter does not offer the option to commemorate their accounts, but the Californian company is working on it.

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Then, social network reverse-engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong also raises another issue, somewhat relatd to the situation: will SMS Gateway Switzerland there be measures against the cybersquatting of certain usernames, at commercial purpose ? While Twitter is in the process of deleting accounts basd on criteria, the question deserves to be askd. Clean up your platform Through this measure, Twitter intendd to continue cleaning up its platform . Inded, inactive accounts become the tool of propaganda orchestratd by the Islamic State. The latter can bring together thousands of subscribers and promote harmful ideologies.

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To do this, they take advantage of the fact that the confirmation of the email addresses of the first accounts of the platform did not BQB Directory exist, in order to seize these inactive accounts. “As part of our commitment to serve public conversations, we are working on cleaning up inactive accounts to provide more accurate and reliable information that users can trust. Part of this effort is to encourage users to actively use Twitter when creating their account.

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