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We want to help people engage in a discussion with peace of mind, giving them more control over the conversations they start. Thanks to different options, we will be doing tests on who can reply to tweets, starting this beginning of the year. » Thus, when posting a tweet, “Twittos” can choose who can react to their content. Four filter options will be available: global: everyone will be able to interact and respond, like a classic tweet. group: people you mention and follow will be able to reply to the tweet panel: only the people mentiond in the tweet will be able to respond statement: no one will be able to react to your tweet, except you, for the creation of a thread, for example.

Twitter Announced That It Is Finally

Twitter The door open to Bulk SMS UK fake news? With almost every measure considerd, there are certain inconveniences that can somewhat tarnish the idea in question, despite the good intentions of the authors. A user did not fail to challenge the product manager of Twitter, Kayvon Beykpour, to express to him the dangers of this new feature. According to him, we will move into an era where “the tweets that get the most retweets will become the undisputd truth.

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An Kayvon Beykpour is aware of the risks. To conclude This new measure from Twitter remains for the moment in test status. This JPB Directory phase will then make it possible to see if the experience is more beneficial than harmful to the atmosphere of the social network. However, if the results prove beneficial to a healthier platform, Twitter will roll out the feature globally. So, do not hesitate to contact your SMO agency, in order to use this social network which constantly wishes to bring a quality environment to its users. Its social network specialists will be able to bring you effective results around a quality SMO strategy.

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