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The Guardian Australia and those of the News Corp group has been blockd to a few users who have done recent searches. A response that was not at all to the taste of the Australian government. Through the voice of his finance minister, Josh Frydenberg, he made it clear to Google that he had no right to prevent Australians from accessing local information . Google, meanwhile, finds it already brings enough traffic to Australian mdia through its referral program.

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A showdown for posterity It must be said that the stakes linkd to this standoff go far beyond the simple Australian framework. Many mdia around the world are following developments in this case with great interest. Some have already Bulk SMS Cambodia mentiond and criticizd the virtual monopoly situation of the web giants regarding advertising revenues. For their part, Facebook and Google are aware that the Australian initiative can quickly be emulatd in other countries. Which could make their current position more than untenable. For the moment, the losers of this disagreement are the Internet users and the Australian newspapers which are the most affectd.

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Especially when we see the place occupid today by. Google on the web and in the referencing of sites Case to follow. After several page de-indexing issues. Google made the decision to temporarily disable its URL submission tool available in BQB Directory Search Console. This decision resultd in a more complex work techniques for webmasters. Disabling the URL submission tool in Search Console Following indexing issues relatd to the use of the URL submission tool in Search Console , Google has seen fit to suspend this feature. Thus, since October 14, 2020 , it was no longer possible to use it.

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