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Consumer purchase intentions climbd 17 points. This Swirl format is an engagement-generating solution. The Guerlain company does not regret its choice and is seriously considering renewing it. “The exceptional performance of this campaign in terms of engagement showd us that we had made the right choice. This engagement was then translatd into purchase intention and online sales, demonstrating that the number and time of interaction are ultimately good proxies. We will reuse this format on future campaigns in order to convey in a differentiating way the experiential and emotional aspect of our fragrances.

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Global Head of Digital Mdia for Guerlain To conclude The potential of 3D should attract companies, especially with the arrival of 5G in 2020, which will develop Augmentd and Virtual Reality. The user is more taken into account in the Bulk SMS Ukraine strategic vision with this Swirl format, and that is where the challenge lies: interacting and satisfying the consumer. This 3D Display format irritates them less, and allows them to better visualize the product. So the effectiveness of these original advertising formats should encourage you to use them. And your SEA agency is there to make your wish come true! Its Google Ads experts will know how to promote your products using these formats and increase your engagement and sales.

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Disinformation in the crosshairs It is unfortunately the digital trend that is spreading at high sped. We frequently find fake news, with BQB Directory the approach of major political events for example, or even deepfakes, which will be more and more realistic, and viewable online. Facebook therefore wants to be a reference in the fight against misinformation. Marc Zuckerberg’s company already has a device to fight against propaganda. Since last May, work has been carrid out with American fact-checking organizations.

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