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Sometimes calls appear in the external environment. These are the goals and objectives that are designd to realize the strategic intentions of the owners. However, the formulatd challenges should not go beyond the possibilities, which are always limitd. Top management must agree on strategic intentions and real opportunities so that conflict does not arise. Opportunities may be limitd in terms of finance, technology or processes, geography, and so on. In the traditional approach, the mission, vision, goals, and strategy are hierarchical, but in this model, all three factors are equal.

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Perhaps more important are the strategic intentions of the owner, since he is in charge of the business, which means he has the right to Hospitals Email List demand whatever he wants from his business. “Strategic opportunity companies” monitor the external environment, analyze current threats and opportunities, and use them, converting them into profit for the owner. Such companies do not set sky-high planning horizons; they are focusd on a short period of time – a month, a quarter, a year.

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By seizing opportunities, having the necessary resources available. And restructuring business processes on the go to take. Advantage of the BQB Directory opportunity seen. Companies demonstrate meaningful results. The economic advantage of the “strategic opportunity company” is achievd through the expansion of activities, and its actions in the market turn out to be a surprise for competitors. Along with the change in the approach to strategic management, the process of strategic management itself has also changd. Here it is appropriate to introduce the concept of a strategic process. The strategic process is one of the most important processes in a company. It unfolds over time and exists in any company, since to some extent in any company long-term decisions are made, which may remain unformalizd.

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