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In its development, mankind has passd a number of stages (Fig. 1). Figure 1. The sequence of development of the economic environment Each stage can be conditionally calld an “era”. If you look into the depths of centuries, you can find that the economy began with a “nomadic era”, in which the source of wealth and well-being was physical strength and the ability to survive – a kind of intangible assets. From the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, the industrial era dominatd the world. It was followd by the information age. The well-known proverb “who owns the information, owns the world” very accurately characterizes this stage of economic development.

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Due to the development of the Internet and information technology, this era did not last long, as it became almost impossible to save Gambling Email List valuable information. The current stage of development, which began at the end of the 20th century, can be defind as the “era of knowldge”. The name itself speaks of the key feature of this period of development: the main engine of the economy is knowldge. But we are not talking about the knowldge that you get at seminars or from books. Knowldge should be considerd as the intellectual capital of the company. Now it is not enough just to have knowldge (information), you ned to be able to generate new knowldge.

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The one who does it better than others gets undeniable competitive advantages among other rivals (competitors). Let’s compare the BQB Directory features of the economy of the industrial age and the economy of the knowldge age. Such a comparison will provide a deeper understanding of the nature of modern conditions and the main sources of economic growth, which will make it possible to make decisions that in modern conditions will be of high value and increase business performance. The industrial era is characterizd by stability, linearity and prdictability of development, as market changes occur slowly. The main driver of the growth of the economy of the industrial era is mass production. Products and technologies have a long life cycle. Financial capital is a scarce resource.

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