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Whether in the choice of dominant colors or the integratd details referring to the Libra. Reliable and transparent money transfers The net giant wants to reassure all of its users. Inded, no fees relatd to shipments will be hidden when they make money transfers on the said platform. It thus guarantees transactions carrid out without hidden costs. Security will also be requird. Since the identity document, of the sender as of the receiver, will ultimately be requird to certify the veracity of the information filld in the files.

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This will also make it possible to monitor transactions, a point which, incidentally, was the subject of controversy in 2019. Also, the Medicare Leads application will be equippd with directly integratd anti-fraud protection. What date is plannd for the inauguration of Novi? At this time, no sure date has been confirmd, or even set. However, the group still announcd a presentation of a first version of Novi which will be done simultaneously with the release of Libra on the network. Then, the deployment will be done gradually with, to begin with, only a few countries that can guarantee accessibility to certain functionalities. These are considerd essential for the security and immdiacy of money transfers.

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One more step towards Social Shopping? As we saw in May on the blog, Facebook has recently multiplid announcements of new BQB Directory features. What emerges is a clear tendency to favor Social Shopping. Facebook has, in fact, launchd a system of purchases of gift cards to be spent later. If this feature is part of a support strategy for local businesses in the context of containment, other features go beyond this framework. Thus, Facebook is launching Facebook Shops to allow merchants to create an online store for free and easily.

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