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Our agency specializing in SEO can assist you in the deletion, whether temporary or permanent, of some of your pages. Our team of SEO experts is waiting for you. Get startd now by contacting us .If the legal period of sales is usually five weeks, in reality, they are playd on average in ten days from the point of view of Social Mdia. Basd on an analysis conductd by the Facebook group a few years ago, we can say that purchase peaks generally occur at specific and recurring times on social networks.

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Your marketing strategy was not in place for the first day of the sales this year? Don’t worry, there’s still time to get it right. And as they Bulk SMS China say, better late than never. Take the bandwagon and above all do not miss the other best moments to record the maximum number of conversions. The highlights of the sales period The sales period is the summer event not to be missd for advertisers. Inded on the web, social networks can become real relays for online sales sites.

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It is in this sense that studies of these platforms have been carrid out to detect advertising trends during the said period. Since the time BQB Directory that sales have been organizd on the web, key moments have stood out. The first day of sales First of all, the first conversion peak is obviously observd on the day of the launch of the sales. This is what has earnd it the name of “first day peak” . If you are reading this article, you may have missd this important moment and want to catch up. In general, be aware that Internet users inspect online sales sites a few days, even a few hours, before the start of the sales to fill their basket.

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