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A comprehensive glossary Another feature of Genario is particularly useful for writers, screenwriters and other authors of texts: a dictionary of thesaurus. Thus, by clicking on a word, it is possible to access numerous synonyms and relatd terms. The tool is able to suggest lexical fields for words, as well as sentences and paragraphs. This makes it possible to vary the expressions usd and to find the right words according to the context. A spelling, syntax and typo checker.

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Genario also offers a fairly complete proofreader, which is a valuable ally during the tdious task of proofreading. Its use makes it Ameriplan Leads possible to improve the writing of a text by identifying errors (of spelling, grammar, typing), repetitions, clichés, poor verbs, then correcting or replacing them. A few other features are also available today, such as writing analysis, but those we have just mentiond already give a good overview of Genario’s capabilities. And one of its strengths lies in its collaborative aspect. Inded, shortly after its creation, this tool benefitd from the support of major publishing houses and producers. Together, they have for example set up synopsis competitions.

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With an 8th dition from March 1 to 31, 2023. Similarly, on the Genario application, users can access the writings of other authors thanks BQB Directory to a library containing thousands of novels free of copyright (in the public domain). Meetings are also organizd with publishing and production professionals on various topics. The latest took place on March 18, 2023 in Dijon. In attendance were screenwriters from a famous video-on-demand platform, novelists and ditors from major publishing houses, and producers from a French pay-TV and cinema channel.

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