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Genario’s objective is therefore to support authors in all stages of textual creation, by offering them ducational tools. They also have the opportunity to compare their writings with other texts, including masterpieces of literature. Of course, it is not a question of copying these books, but of obtaining axes of improvement, of better constructing intrigues and defining characters, of better describing places, times, etc. The role of this AI is really to help authors and “change [their] way of writing novels and screenplays”, as can be read on the home page of the site.

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To make writing a pleasure, not a constraint. But will this tool really revolutionize their work? And isn’t it more useful to new authors than to big names in publishing, Genario, a future talent revealer? By giving authors a boost, this AI wants to Ailment Email List rethink the writing process. Make it more pleasant and free writers and screenwriters from the constraints that can weigh on their work. And when you look at its features, you quickly realize it. However, for an author who is usd to writing, who has already publishd books or written screenplays, who has a good reputation with the public and professionals.

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Genario is not necessarily the ideal tool. On the other hand, it must be recognizd that it can be a good revealer of talents. He has already done so, as David Defendi pointd out to the actualitte“talents have already arisen, before signing BQB Directory with publishing houses or production companies”. Likewise, for him, his tool allows unknown authors to emerge from anonymity, to meet producers, publishers, in particular “those who are outside the milieu, who do not necessarily have the codes and expectations.

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