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These are, in particular: Clickbait advertisements that use the negative impact that an event can have to promote a product or service offer that could be affiliatd with it. This form of incitement to consumption , basd on the fear and emotions of Internet users, is no longer acceptd by the Internet giant. It will be for example for some to highlight a fatal accident to promote a life insurance service. Those who use sensationalist images or texts are also bannd from the platform. This will be all the advertisements that claim to reveal an exclusive, untold secrets, scandals, and many more.

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The announcement goes even further, more than it adds to this list of examples, advertisements of people presenting erroneous “before Bulk SMS Argentina and after”. This type of advertising whose sole purpose is to generate as many customers as possible for the platform that offers a revolutionary diet or cosmetic surgery with incrdible effects. Since the announcement made a month ago, Google Ads has implementd its new rules. Our SEA agency keeps you regularly informd of all the digital news.

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In terms of paid referencing, we provide you with our best experts. So call on digital strategy specialists to carry out your various advertising campaigns on the web!The social network would be preparing the release of a paid subscription BQB Directory for its users. Recently, the little “blue bird” of the net has been talkd about a lot. Indd, you are not unaware that it is currently at the heart of many controversies. In particular, because of the umpteenth hack of influential accounts which took place on the night of July 15 to 16, 2020. Apart from a few hundrd thousand dollars which were extortd from some of its users, the platform does not comes out pretty well.

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