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What to do in this case? Be present elsewhere than on Google, to put the odds on your side in the event of penalties. It should be notd, however, that other search engines draw a great deal of inspiration from the regulations in force on Google. If your site is sanctiond by the latter, for non-compliance with the rules of use, there is a good chance for you that you will also be sanctiond on these other platforms which model their regulations on those of Google.

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Thus, it is in your interest to respect it as best as possible, regardless of the platform on which you intend to be present. 3- Google: a response engine? You may have already noticd that Google has considerably improvd its algorithm. Basically, a search Advertising Agency Mailing List engine was supposd to suggest the best results to the Internet user who made a request so that he could himself go to the website of his choice and thus find the information he was looking for. Thanks to its increasingly intelligent algorithm, Google now offers much more precise answers. This is the very principle of the famous position 0: the holy grail of natural referencing! An example of position zero on the Google search engine.

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Little Extra Is The Possibility Of Completely

This phenomenon has nevertheless generatd a drop in the click-through rate of Internet users . Inded, it is now enough for Google to draw BQB Directory information from the pages that have been indexd on its engine and offer the most precise content possible to the Internet user in search of an answer. A time saving for the latter, but a lower number of visits for the websites listd on the platform. 4- Some other advantages to choosing a search engine other than Google One of the most relevant arguments that could finish convincing you: do not do like all the others! So think about your competitors.

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