Addressing attribution problems in shopify for subscription products

Problems in shopify The services they avail of subsequently are not attributed to the original marketing channel. Linking shopify with google analytics and your marketing channels whether your store is powered by shopify or other platforms. The data for your visitors and customers comes through google analytics. Yes, shopify and facebook are already connected and have a partnership. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any issues. To attribute your conversions accurately. You will need to have seamless integration between ga4, shopify, and your marketing channels such as facebook, seo, ppc, referral, etc.

If you can correctly attribute

It is easier said than done, but fortunately, can help breach the problem that usually occurs when you’re selling subscription products or services. Also read | how to create api credentials for shopify knowing . Your customers entails Algeria Mobile Number List knowing where they are coming from one of the most important questions for any business . Using shopify is knowing the source of their customers. If you can correctly attribute each or at least most of your customers, you will know which is your most successful marketing channel, where you need to scale, and where to optimize.


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Attributing a first-time visitor

Here is an example to illustrate that: you spent $200 on facebook, $100 on instagram, and $150 on paid search in one weekend. You get five new customers from facebook with total revenue of $100. Two from instagram with $60, and three from ppc BQB Directory who spent a total of $50. You can draw a lot of conclusions from the given data. Also, attributing a first-time visitor to the right channel is easy. Understandably, it is not as straightforward in the case of subscriptions where repeat transactions are involved.

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