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The big question is: how do you know which option to choose? Are you going to compare every available option? Probably no. I propose to consider a certain sequence of steps on the way to the implementation of a BI system. 1. Make a decision Behind the obvious simplicity of the first step lies serious work, first of all, within yourself, and serious consequences for business. You must clearly understand that you nd it and the time and money spent on installation will not be wastd.

Time It Is Convenient To Manage

To verify this, answer a few very simple questions. Do you feel like you spend a lot of time preparing and making managerial decisions? Are Laboratories Email List you missing access to complete and detaild information about your business anywhere with a few simple clicks of a button? Are you an adherent of the “management by deviations” style and do you nd to respond quickly to deviations of the fact from the plan, if necessary? Moving to BI is moving from a two-dimensional world of flat tables (like Excel) to a world with much more data handling and a lot more dimensions and customization.

Job Function Email Database

The Workload Of Each Employee

This transition can be compard to the transition from feature phones to smartphones. To do this, the user had to make a certain effort on BQB Directory himself. Rebuild himself, explore new functions and opportunities. Exactly the same in our case. If you answerd yes to all questions, then you can read about the second step. 2. Keep up with the times and understand. that there is no turning back. We must be aware that relevance is not a permanent state, but a condition. If you keep an eye on what is happening, you will be in the right place long before the others.  Taking a vantage point at the very dge of emerging opportunities.

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