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In such a CRM, it will be possible to maintain a customer database, perform various calculations and create reports with graphs. For sales in Google Sheets, it is possible to use formulas from the simplest (for example, the amount of revenue for a certain period) to quite complex ones. In addition, in Google Sheets you can build graphs and charts to visualize data in reports. However, another free tool from Google, Data Studio, is better suitd for this. What if there is no desire to practice building tables and creating formulas.

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There are a huge number of Google Sheets templates for business on the Internet. You can download ready-made Google Sheets templates for finance, customer, sales, planning, and more. A little adapt them for yourself – and CRM in Communication Email List Google Docs is ready. Google Sheets Automation After some time using CRM in the table, the question will arise how to automate Google Sheets. There are 3 ways to automate Google Sheets. The first is the so-calld macros. They allow you to automate typical repetitive operations without programming. To create a macro in Google Sheets, you ned to find the “Record macro” item in the menu and follow the sequence of actions that you want to automate.

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The program will remember these steps and will be able to perform them on its own. The second way to automate Google Sheets is with BQB Directory add-ons and plugins. You can install a ready-made plugin or order a programmer to create your own. Plugins greatly expand the capabilities of CRM in Google Sheets. For example, you can set up automatic email distribution or display customer addresses on Google Maps. Another option to automate Google Sheets is to use the API. In this case, you can not do without a programmer.

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