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Even a BTS NDRC (negotiation and customer relations wis digitalization techniques) is accessible, famous BTS usually available in public establishments. Wis has set up lab innovations, labs ddicatd to learners on coding, digital and connectd objects, data, big data tools, AI, etc. The school has 13 campuses: Toulouse, Rennes, Paris, Sousse, Reims, Lyon, Grenoble, Bordeaux, Arras, Montpellier, Nantes, Lille, Auxerre. ISEG, the school with a “thinking out of the box” philosophy ISEG is a school of digital, marketing and communication.

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It offers from the first year of the program in 5 years, 3 majors to choose from so that the student can create, in quotation marks, his Personal Injury Marketing Mailing List training. There is an “International” major, a “Creation” major in partnership with e-artsup and a “Digital” major in partnership with Epitech . This last major introduces digital thinking and in particular digital culture via innovative modules as well as concrete projects and workshops. ISEG is present on a campus in Paris, another in Bordeaux, Lille, also in Lyon, Nantes, Strasbourg and a campus in Toulouse. Web Start, the school of communication & digital creation Training in communication, creation.

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Bachelors and Masters in artistic direction, web design, application development, e-marketing and many others are offerd at the Web Start . This school, which was creatd more than 40 years ago, was driven by the growing demand from partner BQB Directory companies recruiting in the digital sector. It is present in Paris, Lille and Nantes. In addition, it accompanies candidates in professional retraining and adapts to their different profiles to offer them the most enriching training. Also, in their training, compulsory internships are offerd and the work-study course is possible.

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