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Built-in image ditor Of course, you can do without this feature, since there are many third-party image ditors. But practice shows that the ability to dit images in the email constructor is convenient and saves time. Quick Preview Before using a template in an email campaign, you ned to make sure that it will be displayd correctly to recipients. To do this, the html email constructor neds a preview function.Email Client Compatibility Before choosing a mailing list designer, make sure that its templates are compatible with all major email clients. Integration with mailing service Integrating an email template builder with your mailing service is an important feature for ease of use and time saving.

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Simple and clear interface To make the program easy to use, choose an email newsletter builder with clear controls. We also recommend that Crypto Email List you make sure that the visual ditor does not freeze, works quickly and without errors. Co-diting This feature is becoming increasingly relevant, especially as many companies transition to remote work. Collaborative diting allows several employees to work on a template at the same time and see changes in real time. 5 Best HTML Email Template Builders in 2023 Before choosing one of the email builders, consider the market leaders.

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They have earnd their popularity due to the fact that they were able to meet the neds of many companies. 1.Stripo This is a Russifid email template builder, whose ditor resembles WordPress. Letters are creatd from standard BQB Directory modules, the management is simple and clear. Stripo has direct integration with many email marketing services, as well as a basic free plan. One of the features of this template builder is the ability to gamify images. 2.Mailchimp For many years, Mailchimp has been one of the most famous online html email builders: 23% of marketers around the world use this particular service. Mailchimp has relatively few templates, but simple management.

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