Scrum and Agile Basic Differences You Choose

Agile is a flexible programming methodology, created as an alternative to traditional methods. It is primarily a way of thinking about the project, which includes various methodologies such as Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Extreme Programming and ASD.

Despite some differences, they all concern the perception of the reality of IT projects. The Agile Manifesto published in 2001 by a group of seventeen software engineering specialists states that effective programming is based on the principles:

People and cooperation are more important factors than processes and tools. Working software is better than extensive documentation. Cooperation with the client is more important than formal arrangements. Responding to change is more important than following a plan.

Which model should you choose

However, Agile does not abandon the process approach, documentation, creation Ws Number List of contracts or action plans. These factors are simply less important than cooperation with people, reacting to changes or adapting the strategy to market dynamics.

To sum up, Agile is a set of proven practices that enable the creation of effective, modern and flexible solutions tailored to current business needs.

How does Scrum work?
Scrum is one of the most popular methods for an effective approach to software development. It is based on presenting the system to the client in parts. This means that ready-made program elements are delivered to the recipient during regular meetings. The process of building it takes place in so-called sprints, i.e. short stages that the target customer has access to.

Use the potential of Agile and Scrum

What does project work in the Scrum methodology look like? The process usually BQB Directory begins with developing a vision of the final product, setting a goal.

Unlike other schemes, in the case of Scrum it is not necessary to define the operation of each of its functions. This is why many people who start working with this methodology find it difficult to find their way in the new reality, especially if their actions were preceded by long-term planning sessions and only then work on the program.

Reducing the risk of financial losses – establishing cooperation with a group of programming specialists may contribute to ill-considered financial investments and, consequently, to losses.

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