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In NetHunt, importing a customer database takes just a few clicks: First you ned to prepare a file for import: a table with the names of the fields. Then the file must be savd in CSV format – this can be done in Excel itself. Then in CRM you ned to select “Import data”, select the download folder and add a file to import. Be sure to check that all fields are recognizd correctly. The CRM system will also search for duplicates. After that, it remains to click the “Import” button and the customer base will be transferrd to the CRM system. NetHunt provides a 14-day trial period for free.

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So it’s really easy to start maintaining a customer database in a CRM system. Read more about how to install NetHunt CRM in this article . The Building Construction and General Contractors Email Lists expansion of the customer base. Is it worth buying cold bases? With your customer database finally in order, it’s time to think about expanding it. Surely you have heard about the sale of so-calld cold bases. A cold customer base is a list of contacts of individuals who have no idea about your company or product.

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Such bases have one plus: you can buy a large number of contacts for a low cost. But there are many more cons. First, cold customer BQB Directory bases usually have a lot of incorrect or outdatd data. Most people have changd phones and email addresses a long time ago. Secondly, working with a cold client base is laborious and inefficient. Such marketing was popular in the 60s of the last century, but is long gone. As a result, the price of a cold base can be much higher than what you paid when buying. It is better to form a cold base yourself.

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