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With this solution, you no longer ned to synchronize data All the smart technologies exploitd in the current services of the platform are obviously integratd in the new Stores and Appointments parts . Creating a store with Stores Stores will be available from May 18 , in the UK and US, to begin with. Users of this new service will be able to create an online store without bandwidth or page restrictions. Also, a back-office part of the site will provide the ability to manage orders, shipments and product catalogs.

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Finally, the analytics part will allow entrepreneurs to analyze and understand who their customers are and where their prospects come from Commercial Property Owners Email List thanks to Mailchimp’s various marketing tools. Booking an appointment with Appointments Regarding the Appointments service, it made its appearance on April 28 for all Mailchimp users. It allows you to manage a company’s online services and offers the company’s customers the ability to make appointments on the site creatd from Stores. This will therefore allow brick-and-mortar companies (company selling exclusively in physical form), to convert into click-and-mortar (company having integratd e-commerce) and thus generate more turnover by touching a wider target and meeting the expectations of their customers.

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