So focus on doing the simple thing well

Using our metaphor again, there’s no point promoting your store if it doesn’t exist or if the facade, service and facilities are bad, People will look for your establishment, won’t find it, and will never come back, So, start with your website , Build a channel with the potential to capture visits, orient towards SEO, and that generates conversions, Your company does not invest in digital marketing This point is more controversial, because it can fall into the famous issue of not taking risks because you have no experience, But people and companies that have experience had to take risks one day, right? The issue here is that most companies that start to invest in.

They also usually have someone who takes care

 SEO, in addition to being outside the contexts mention above, are usually already making or have already made other investments in digital marketing, such as: website construction; social mia; e-mail marketing; sponsor links And, in addition, they also usually have someone who takes care of these fronts internally, be it a marketing analyst or marketing manager, After all, the owner nes to focus on many things and doesn’t have much time to just focus on marketing, In practice, SEO is a complementary strategy , with a lot new data  of potential and that generates results, but it has even more returns if combin with other digital marketing disciplines, which are usually simpler and more objective, such as those mention above.

The points in favor of investing in SEO would

For this reason, companies that have already start paying attention to investments on the internet are more mature and will have more potential for success when investing in SEO, SEO: when to invest SEO: when to invest If we were to simplify the discussion, the points in favor of investing in SEO would be exactly the opposite of those mention above , that is: your product or service is already valisales urgency; your revenue is stable; you have a suitable dat and has sales; you have no website; your company already invests in digital marketing, However, alongside these points, it is worth mentioning some that will further favor organic  BQB Directory positioning work: your company does not measure visits or organic leads; your access depends on sponsor links; the competition is not paying attention; the competition is paying attention.

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