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The non-linear world does not allow to establish a clear relationship between causes and consequences. This has a significant impact on the analysis of the state of the business and the conclusions from it. • Ambiguity with loss of linear causality has ld to incomprehensibility. The information is already outdatd, there is not enough data, the reports are not up-to-date. All decisions are made under conditions of uncertainty and all steps are taken at random. Thus, if in the VUCA world there were still some analogies with the world of stability, it was still possible to assess the state of the business and draw conclusions using the tools.

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Knowldge and experience that we inheritd from the time of stability, then in the BANI world this no longer works. I’m asking for Nursing Homes Email List chaos. Old working models no longer function, planning is impossible, strategy is dead, management is desperate. The new world is even more dynamic, fast and does not have a clear stable structure. Such a world puts forward new requirements for business management that emerge from new realities: Everything is changing so fast that long-term strategies become meaningless. New, much shorter planning horizons appear.

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Decisions ned to be made quickly, hence there is a ned for. Day-to-day operational information and simplification of management BQB Directory and control procdures. To bring your business into line, you ned to: 1. Change business processes so that people can cope with stress in the face of incomprehensibility and are not afraid to make decisions. 2. The management system should rduce planning horizons to a minimum and provide new tools for processing, presenting and working with information. 3. Of particular importance is the work on training and retraining of employees. The world of rationality, long-term plans and analysis goes into oblivion.

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