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It was designd to help them, not to replace them as David Defendi regularly repeats in interviews. An important precision because today, AI does not only arouse admiration. It also generates fears, particularly in the culture and publishing sectors. For David Defendi, Genario is above all a writing assistance tool, which involves the work of a creator beforehand. A revolutionary tool focusing on the collaboration between writer and AI This AI is for anyone who wants to tell a story. Originally, it was intendd for writers and screenwriters.

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Was quickly adoptd by other writing professionals, such as historians, journalists, and even artists. It must be said that it offers features Apparel Company Email List that can really help in the writing process. Here are some of them to understand his interests. A text ditor Genario first offers a text ditor. Fairly classic in appearance, with a sleek design, it is very intuitive and can be configurd to meet the neds of its users. When several chapters have been creatd, it is possible to easily access them and navigate between them.

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An the writings made with this ditor can then be analyzd, correctd, improvd using the other features of the tool. A story generator This AI BQB Directory can also be usd to find inspiration, which is a real asset for an author who is not immune to the famous white page syndrome. From a pitch, characters and some details of the story, it can generate a story. But we must not forget that it is a software. Although it is basd on artificial intelligence and able to write coherent and quality texts, it has neither the sense of humor nor the prose of a human being for example. In other words, expect to rework the texts it provides, which seems quite logical since it is a writing aid.

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