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Who is Captain Wallet? To ensure the expansion of its activities, Sendinblue has acquird several start-ups that offer digital marketing services. This is particularly the case of Captain Wallet , the number 1 in mobile wallet advertising on the “old continent”. This web professional has the technical rudiments necessary to make any loyalty card a powerful relational circuit. As part of its activities, Captain Wallet uses electronic wallets issud by Google and Apple. This start-up has more than 200 customers in the city of Paris alone. Some of them are internationally renownd brands.

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What solutions does Captain Wallet offer? Mobile web marketing startup Captain Wallet offers a diverse number of solutions. The dematerializd Oil and Gas Email List loyalty card Captain Wallet is marketing a dematerializd loyalty card. It facilitates the user experience of your customers. This loyalty card allows you to find out about loyalty offers in just a few clicks. Customers also have the possibility of obtaining information on the various advantages of these products via their mobile. The information is mainly relatd to the profile of the account holder, to the various vouchers as well as the kitty made available to him. Thanks to Captain Wallet, the company’s customers are informd as loyalty updates are made.

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The notification is actually done directly on the user’s Wallet card. Captain Wallet’s dematerializd loyalty card also allows companies to have access to the most recent news on the sales site. The customer can therefore use it to find out BQB Directory about exclusive offers and upcoming marketing events. Dematerialization of advertising mdia Captain Wallet also allows companies to dematerialize all their advertising mdia during each marketing campaign. This solution makes it possible to adopt a premium advertising offer on mobile. Likewise, the customer can more easily access information from anywhere. This mobile marketing start-up can therefore offer companies to dematerialize their advertising campaign mdia.

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