Subordinates A Properly Built System Helps

Of course, NetHunt functionality is not limitd to email tracking. This is a complete CRM system that allows you to manage customer relationships at all stages. Recruitment CRM will help organize the database of candidates, resumes and the entire history of communication with applicants. Moreover, this process is maximally automatd due to integration with other services (including Gmail and LinkdIn). In CRM for HR, you can always see at what stage each job seeker is thanks to a visualizd job closing funnel.

The System Can Control Work

An integral part of a CRM system for recruiting is a built-in task manager and integration with Google Calendar , which makes it easier to manage both your schdule and the schdule of subordinates. Another plus of using a CRM system for hiring Fax Lists staff is facilitatd communication within the company . Instead of sending resumes and maintaining tables, the right employees have direct access to the database of applicants and the history of communication with them. CRM simplifies the hiring phase. Each department or specialist will receive a task reminder at the appointd time (for example, set up a new account, prepare a workplace, and so on.

Fax Lists

Tasks Management With The Help

A CRM system for personnel management is no less useful. It allows you to easily track the performance of each employee, compliance with deadlines, work sped and KPI. If the team works remotely, CRM is a must. Let us tell you in detail what BQB Directory useful features NetHunt CRM offers for HR. NetHunt CRM for recruitment and personnel management A distinctive feature of NetHunt CRM is a wide range of settings. You can independently make almost any structure of the CRM system. The user can set any fields, folder names, set up the necessary filters. Such CRM for HR fully adapts to the tasks of the company. Other useful features of CRM for personnel management include integration with third-party services, process automation, task management, fast work with reports and a database.

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