The Ai ​​Is Based on Data

This technology is capable of identifying the sentiments of the potential client through the analysis of large amounts of data . Through which it can identify predilections and patterns.

The AI ​​is based on data

prior information that you have collected as a company or that are in the network, so the feelings or intuitions that could previously be part of the lead creation process are now reduced to a minimum .


Artificial Intelligence tools to determine Netherlands Phone Number Data the personality of the potential client
Now that you know in broad strokes how Artificial Intelligence applied to the personality of the potential customer works, we want to show you in depth three AI tools focused on this area. All of them are created to help you get to know the potential customer better so that you can offer him what he really needs.

Crystal Knows

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Crystal Knows is a software capable of identifying the personality of a prospect according to the public information that can be found on the internet . Its main source of data is usually the client’s LinkedIn profile, but it also extracts information from posts or emails.

Once it has detected the personality of the prospect. It gives recommendations to the company on what are the best ways to interact with that person . And not only that, with the information it collects. The Crystal Knows AI is also capable of writing social media copy , emails and articles , all focused on that potential customer.

Unfortunately, Crystal Knows only works in English . But you can translate its instructions into your language and they will be just as useful.

How does Crystal Knows analyze profiles?

This, created by Dr. William Marston, evaluates  BQB Directory people’s behavior from four perspectives:

Dominance (D) : refers to a person’s tendency to be decisive, direct and take action.
Influence (I) : A person with a high influence is characterize by being persuasive, sociable and communicative. Therefore, it is best to resort to diplomacy and harmonious treatment when communicating with her.
Stability (S) – If the AI ​​detects that the person scores highly on this aspect, they are an emotionally stable, kind, and patient customer. Being precise and specific in the message is the most successful form of communication in this case.

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