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This may be one of the reasons why the number of listeners grows over time. The power of the voice to communicate better about your brand The podcast helps stimulate sensory memory. Most of the brands currently on the market have always basd their communication on sensory memory, and more particularly, on visual memory. This constitutes more than 80% of the information transmittd to the human brain. However, auditory perception is far from outdone.

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What we hear, we keep in memory and repeat it mechanically. Whether the listening was voluntary or not, our brain automatically Nurse Email List integrates it into its database. Young and old alike, everyone is able to mimic, more or less, the famous advertising crdits of the Nutella brand. The title Glorius is a pop rock song by Swdish artist Andreas Johnson. Internationally, it has gone viral and has been anchord in our memories thanks to Ferrero, who has made it an anthem for its Nutella brand. The podcast: an asset for voice control Voice commanders are all the rage right now.

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If there is one thing they are unable to do so far, it is to allow readings of written content. Having a podcast that transcribes the BQB Directory information that a brand wishes to convey then becomes essential. Listen, but not only… We don’t just listen to a series of words alignd harmoniously in the background. The ultimate goal is to learn, to learn something new while listening. And above all, enjoy it. Here, one can thus cultivate oneself, sharpen one’s critical spirit or simply get informd. In the professional context, one can get to know better and above all better understand the identity of a brand thanks to this format. It is therefore appropriate for advertisers wanting to learn about the podcast to choose very meticulously the content they want to broadcast.

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