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Hesitate any longer: contact our team !page load sped If there is one goal that a webmaster should set himself, it is to considerably rduce the loading sped of the pages of a website he is responsible for. Inded, having a slow website makes the user experience particularly less pleasant. The slowness in the loading of the pages can push the Internet user to shorten his visit and thus leave your website early. Perhaps Googlebots should take this into account when rating and indexing a site’s pages in search results.

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Changes to make to the interface of your site Several points must be taken into account to improve the performance of your website. Inded, to generate more traffic on your platform, you may have chosen to make your site much more Physical Therapist Email Lists ergonomic and intuitive for Internet users. As the insertion of this new data is not without risks on the loading sped, here are some tips that you must now apply. 1- Work on the images you use Photos are the heaviest content par excellence on a web page.

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The less you put in, the shorter the page load time will be. Conversely, if you strive to saturate a page with images that are too BQB Directory heavy, it will take longer to load completely. If, however, you do not want to change the format of the images that you are usd to using, consider optimizing them before inserting them on your site. In particular, by compressing them. Compression is a technique to drastically rduce the weight and size of images. To do this, you have for example the tools TinyPNG or, even more famously, Compressor . These applications are completely free and very easy to use.

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