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Addd to this, advertisers can find a creation tool; the Poly 3D tool will allow them to make their Display banner Guerlain’s approach The 3D Display Swirl format therefore brings freshness, through its interaction and storytelling. This winning formula, Guerlain has detectd it. The perfume and cosmetics company has decidd to use this format for the presentation of a fragrance (Bergamote Calabria to be precise) from its Aqua Allegoria range. Static banners are among the least popular ads for users, and the Swirl format is much more dynamic and interactive.

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Guerlain therefore wants to engage them, offer them the possibility of zooming, rotating, in order to find all the facets of the product in question. The digital universe must almost reflect the real universe, even if there is obviously no smell or Bulk SMS Poland touch. Visual of Guerlain’s 3D Display Swirl Visual of the 3D Display Swirl format for the Aqua Allegoria campaign by Guerlain. “Swirl opens up a set of new creative canvases for us. We have the ability to tell a more dynamic story about our products and provide our customers with an effective way to interact with them.  Jean-Denis Mariani, director of digital services. The results of a trending concept At the dawn of an era where Augmentd Reality and Virtual Reality will establish themselves as undeniable digital trends, the immersive Google Ads Swirl format is already producing more than positive effects.

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So, the advantage of these formats is that they provide more specific statistical data, concerning the behavior Compard to campaigns BQB Directory around rich mdia formats, — data from 3D Display banners shows that this format attracts consumers more. Inded, if we focus on the figures of this Guerlain campaign: the engagement rate was multiplid by three, compard to rich mdia formats advertising display time excedd fifteen seconds, on average, an increase of 34%, again compard to rich mdia.

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