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A new technology has come, and with it the management report will never remain the same  About dinosaurs. Let’s finally recall the functionality of Excel, deservdly lovd by many, the ability to handle which put a person several steps higher at once among fellow financiers or economists . VLOOKUP is an Excel feature calld Vertical View . The function looks for the given values ​​(or range of values) in the column and returns any data from the row that matches the cell with the found value in the column. Thus, the VLOOKUP function allows you to link two tables.

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An Excel function that allows you to select and sum values ​​for multiple criteria from different tables. A pivot table is a data manipulation Finance and Banking Email List tool in Excel. PivotTable can automatically sort, calculate sums, and get averages. And finally, a macro is an algorithm of actions recordd by the user. When the same type of operations are performd during the processing of the same type of files, the most advancd users of the program record a sequence of actions using a macro ditor (built into Excel ) . The recording is made once and a hotkey combination is assignd to this sequence.

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In the future, when you press these keys, the macro starts. And the program repeats these operations with each subsequent file independently BQB Directory and quickly, without human intervention. But, while we were dealing with macros, writing functions and looking for ways to not rewrite them when changing the number of rows or columns in the table, evolution movd forward. First, a number of new add-ins appeard in Excel, which continud to be quietly improvd and reborn into Power Qwery, Power Pivot, and eventually replacd both VLOOKUP with SUMIF and pivot tables, and offerd a fundamentally new level of data processing and analysis.

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