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Technology brings additional diversity to the process of building and managing a business, and in matters of control, not least. There are a large number of indicators that can be trackd, accumulatd and analyzd, and the use of Business intelligence will help to do this . The BI system will process this information and present the results in a convenient form with the possibility of using them in group work. It is digital technologies that have become one of the most important drivers of business adaptation to the new changing realities of our world.

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Over the past few years, it has become fashionable to hire a business analyst in the staff of companies. This has become an indication of the advancement of leadership. But in reality, in most cases, this name hides an ordinary financier who College and Universities Email List performs his standard duties. I will try to give a brief description of this profession, I hope this post will clarify who a business analyst is, who neds it and why. A business analyst is a specialist who investigates a customer’s problem, looks for a solution, and formalizes its concept in the form of requirements that developers will be guidd by when creating a product.

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The main task of a business analyst is to identify the problems. Of the customer’s business and find the most effective solution. To do BQB Directory this, he must have knowldge in the subject area. The business analyst works with requirements at all stages of the software. Development life cycle and constantly acts as an intermdiary between the customer and the programming team. The work of a business analyst includes the following steps: 1. Identify the neds of the customer, understand the problem that he wants to solve. 2. Independently or with the help of the team, formulate the concept of the solution. 3. Turn the concept into a technical task with specific requirements for the future product.

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