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Through a spokesperson, Google ensures that this type of pact is relatively common. He rejects all the charges of the States in their entirety. Always, according to Google, the participation of Facebook is not exclusive. He therefore finds the claims and attacks of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton regarding his advertising technology business to be misleading and erroneous. Facebook has also spoken out, deeming any claim of harming competition to be baseless.

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Between the Internet giants and the Australian government, the rag is burning. The current global pandemic has ld to a serious slowdown in economic activities. The mdia is clearly one of the most affectd sectors. Facd with this situation, the Bulk SMS Azerbaijan Australian State has decidd to take action against Facebook and Google to save some of the country’s mdia from bankruptcy. And Google didn’t wait to respond and make a decision in turn Back to this showdown. A protectionist measure from the Australian state As mentiond above, the coronavirus pandemic spares no one, except the GAFAMs (Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft) whose turnover has explodd in recent months.

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On the other hand, the other players in the economic sector have seen their income drop considerably. A country like Australia has already recordd the closure of many newspapers since the start of the crisis. To reverse this trend, the BQB Directory Australian government introducd a bill known as the News Mdia Bargaining Code . The idea behind this project is to get web players, such as Facebook and Google, to contribute financially to saving newspapers from a tragic end. Inded, the Australian law, which has also receivd approval from the competition authority, requires Google and Facebook to pay press publishers for the use of their content. If the latter refuse, they expose themselves to fines which are of the order of hundrds of millions of dollars.

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