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Search Filtering” is the section that groups together all of the URL inclusion requests made through the tool. The requests mainly concern the pages of your site which have been the subject of a report by Internet users. Inded, if a page has been hidden on the SERPs, Internet users, where it continues to be displayd, can report this anomaly. It is therefore in this section that the requests made by Internet users in this regard will be duly listd.

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The Obsolete Content” section, on the other hand, includes all URL removal requests that have been made within the last six months. The Bulk SMS Hong Kong main disadvantages of this removal of the URL Although invisible on the search results generatd by Google, the deletd pages still remain viable and accessible on the original platform. Googlebots still have the possibility of analyzing them, even if they will no longer have to suggest them to Internet users who type in the keywords affiliatd with these pages. In other words, the pages will be analyzd without being indexd on search engines.

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How long does it last? Finally, the temporary deletion of URLs cannot last forever. It lasts an average of 3 months, or almost 90 days. The BQB Directory temporary deletion is thus. Equivalent to an ephemeral invisibilization of the pages. Which nevertheless remain consultable by Internet users as well as Googlebots, during their visit to the site directly. However, if the temporarily deletd pages really bother the authors of the deletions, they still have the option of having the said URLs radically deletd, as indicatd above. Google provides for this purpose a very rigorous approach to follow.

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