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Meanwhile, the financial manager is drinking coffee. True, he will not have time to drink coffee, because you read everything previously describd about BI tools longer than in all this happens in real life. There is a saving of time, nerves, and most importantly, the financial manager finally has the opportunity to deal with direct duties – to analyze and prepare a certificate for the manager to make managerial decisions, i.e. take part in business management.

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That is not all Our managers have a habit of asking uncomfortable questions about the reports they provide, such as: “And give me the Nondepository Credit Institutions Email List same report on sales in the context of Mondays,” or “How did we sell this week last February?”.. This forces the financier to go into the astral plane for a few more hours in order to prepare the necessary report. Help 3. Not only does our tool create beautiful and interactive reports, but it can generate them for any period if the data is stord in the model. In this case, the period is not limitd to a calendar month or quarter.

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It can be an hour, a day, a week, or an arbitrary interval.  And the report generation time lasts no more than a match burns. Thus, we see the BQB Directory breakthrough. Benefits of BI technology in business management. Features for email distribution include the. Ability to create templates, schdule emails to be sent within a specifid. Period of time, convenient segmentation of the customer. Base for distribution, as well as detaild statistics (views of emails by time and device type, clicks on links, and more). Email marketers want customers to not delete their emails as soon as they receive them.

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