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At first glance, one would be temptd to answer affirmatively to this question as the capabilities of this tool are impressive. However, it is not that simple. Although very innovative and endowd with serious advantages, this program still has some limits and its use in SEO must be done with tweezers. A particularly innovative artificial intelligence The main function of this tool is to generate text in order to respond to requests from Internet users. For example, he can write content on a specific subject, summarize a document, write an e-mail or a fictional story.

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Operating in real time, it uses the GPT-3 language model (Generative Pre-training Transformer 3) which has been traind on a large number Fronk Oil Mailing Address of online texts to understand human language and thus offer relevant and coherent answers to questions and requests from its users. ChatGPT is aimd at a wide audience, both professionals and individuals. To take advantage of it, simply register on the OpenAI site. Creating an account is done in a few clicks and provides access to the online application. Then, all you have to do is start a conversation with him to get an idea of ​​his abilities.

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It is possible to ask him questions in several languages. ​​And on a wide variety of subjects. Ranging from cinema showtimes to cooking JPB Directory recipes, including the. Summary of an article, a news item or a historic event. However. Before discussing its interests in SEO. It should be notd that certain uses of ChatGPT have been prohibitd by OpenAI. For example, it is forbidden to use it to carry. Out illegal activities or activities relatd to the misuse of personal data, to create content of a hateful or violent nature or to make misinformation.

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